Hello. I am Daigo.

pronounced: “dye-go”, as in “I go, you go, Daigo!”. - @DaigoFuji

I do Front-End Development, Data Visualization, HTML and CSS, Visual Journalism, UX Engineering, Atomic Web Design, Object-Oriented CSS, JavaScript, Data Storytelling, Responsive Web Design, Japanese and English, Simplicity, User-Centric Design, Pattern Lab, Github

"Jack of all trades,
master of some."

...and I like baseball.

I create Data Visualization, play Visual Journalist, and Data Storyteller role in Baseball world, and I love it. See more

I founded Baseball Hack Day.

Baseball Hack Day is a fun, friendly one-day hacking competition for baseball fans.

Oh, did I mention I like baseball?

Quick links to my github projects

For latest stuff, check out my github @DaigoFuji

Contact Daigo

You can always leave comments on my blog posts or tweet at me @DaigoFuji or comment/file an issue in my github projects. But there is a webform you can use to send me an email.