Hello. I am Daigo.

Pronounced like Capital I... “I go”, as in “I go, you go, Daigo!”. - @DaigoFuji

I do Front-End Development, Data Visualization, HTML and CSS, Visual Journalism, React.js, SASS, JavaScript, Data Storytelling, Responsive Web Design, Japanese and English, Simplicity, User-Centric Design, Charts and Maps, Github

"Jack of all trades,
master of some."

I make data visualizations and do front-end development for

Results: 2019 At-Large Boston City Council 2018 Mass. Election Results: How Your Town Or City Voted Map: How Your Mass. City Or Town Voted In Dozens Of Recent Elections Map: Mass. Recreational Marijuana Stores (And Other Businesses) How Your School District Scored On The MCAS From 2009 To 2019 What The Data Tell Us About The Future Of Work In Mass.

...and I like baseball.

I create Data Visualization, play Visual Journalist, and Data Storyteller role in Baseball world, and I love it. See more

I talk about Front-End Technology

... like Pattern Lab and Atomic Web Design

I founded Baseball Hack Day.

Baseball Hack Day is a fun, friendly one-day hacking competition for baseball fans.

Oh, did I mention I like baseball?

Contact Daigo

You can tweet at me @DaigoFuji or comment/file an issue in my github projects.