Whoa! Jekyll, Foundation 6, HTML5 boilerplate and github pages!

I've combined my locally installed libsass/gulp version of foundation 6, html5 boilder plate, and Jekyll to be used for github pages! See Jekyll's documentation, the foundation documentations, and GitHub pages help pages.

You can see all my sources here. I created this for my personal use, but if you'd like to use it, please feel free. Shout out to daigo.org or @DaigoFuji are appreciated, but not required.

You should probably update the _config.yml file, and edit scss/_setting.scss file. As well as scss/_custom.scss, where most the overrides are happening.

Updated to support Foundation 6.4 with its awesome XY-Grid and Flexbox Utilities, creating complicated layouts just got a lot simpler. If you are upgrading from old layouts, replace row with grid-x and column with cell.

You can also take advantage of Foundation's Javascript Utilities out of the box on github pages. Example are shown in foundation-example page.

And finally, from page-template-example You can get starter templates from foundations for often used patterns and designs.

This also supports Font Awesome version 5, so you can go crazy with the icons: .